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Founder- Digipedia & Corporate Trainer

  • Madhurima Goyal
  • Sameeksha Bhardwaj
  • Sheetal Singh
  • Alankar Ganguly
  • Shubhi Gupta
  • Himani Sharma

Our growing team comes from diverse backgrounds, but the two important characteristics we look for in DigiPedia team members includes, potential, to become the best at what you do and desire to keep improving in it.

Our team members are very aggressive and always on the hunt for innovative ideas and possibilities that can exist in Digital Marketing.

DigiPedians love to explore the opportunities in Digital and are known for their creative ideas in Digital Marketing.

About the founders of DigiPedia:

A Digital Media Evangelist, who wear many hats to make her team travel miles ahead and explore the possibilities on Digital Media, Deepa Sayal, Director Key Accounts at ADG Online Solutions Private Limited is an Industry Veteran with 15 + Years of Experience. With her Dynamic and Detail-oriented personality, along with hunger, for Innovation led approach, she is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in her Domain.

From a journey of 2 to 100, Deepa has been a source of inspiration for many young guns and the brain behind digital success stories for many blue chip accounts across India and Global.

We teach you what lies ahead in Digital Media!